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Written by Andrew Stevenson   
From: Reg Kempen
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 12:08 PM
Cc: Shawna Johnson
Subject: Great to meet you

Hi Andrew

It was great to meet you on Friday and I hope that your family have forgiven me for spiriting you away for 1/2 hour in Geraint Lewis's house.

For me it was just an excellent meeting (all too brief) and I am hugely optimistic that we can cooperate successfully on i.d. and whale 'history'. I checked out your website and already we have the same whale HWC 1061. Shawna and Kris Prince and my daughter and I were on a trip on the last day of our holiday in 2002 as I remember it and we found this whale and it's companion having a flipper slapping competition. We have both animals on 35mm stills and also videotape. I have just added a reference to you and your site in this animal's details so look out for it later this week.

I am sorting through huge numbers of images and have another 6 or so humpbacks to be added (including one with an orca bite out of the left-hand fluke). I would really love to be able to find out more about our humpback 'Angie' as she is a particular favourite and we have stills and videotape of her. As you know, it's a really tough job identifying humpback flukes to the catalog - I guess we need something like the fingerprint scanning software used by polive forces throughout the world. I will e-mail Rosie at Allied Whale and let het know we have been in contact - hopefully it may do some good.

I have also found Atlanticwhales.com and have suggested a 'Link' to them - reply awaited.

Let's keep in touch regularly

Best regards