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Written by Andrew Stevenson   

At Cavendish School today at the invitation of Aisha Cross where Camilla and I gave a presentation to four classes of students and their teachers about humpback whales. I dare say that the accumulated knowledge of all those students about whales was more than Camilla's and mine. They have been studying whales for some time and their artwork and assignments were everywhere. Very impressive I must say. Here are just a few samples of their work.






Earlier this week I spoke to 240 girls at Bermuda High School in their pyjamas, and last Friday evening to about forty students in their pyjamas in the library at Somersfield Academy. Earlier this month I spoke to four classes at Somersfield and to the lower school assembly at Warwick Academy. Sometimes I talk about writing children's books, and sometimes I talk about my favourite subject, humpback whales.

And here's another really cool match. This photograph on the left was sent in by Mark Outerbridge. He took the photo on the 2nd of April 2006. It is matched with a photo on the right which I took on 11th April 2008. As soon as I received the email from Mark and opened the photo I recognised the fluke and went straight to our catalogue of 150 Bermuda whales and found it. That's cool. What is sad is I met someone on Grape Bay Beach yesterday afternoon with Somers, our six-month old daughter, and it was several mintutes before I realized the person I was talking to was a friend. Perhaps I've gone over to the dark side.


This whale with the Harry Potter lightning slashes has aready been matched to Allied Whale's #1517. Here is its previous sighting history:

  25 Jun 1979 Newfoundland (Memorial University Newfoundland)

  13 Aug 1982 Labrador (Memorial University Newfoundland) 

  12 Feb 1983 Silver Bank (Ken Balcomb ORES)

  13 Aug 1983 Labrador (Memorial University Newfoundland) 

  29 Jul 1991 Witless Bay Newfoundland (Memorial University Newfoundland)

  Jul 2001 Witless Bay (Wildland Tours).

  April 11th 2008 Challenger Banks, Bermuda (Andrew Stevenson)








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