2009 04 16 Update on tagged whales heading to Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Above are the latest maps for the humpback whales Dr Oswaldo Vasquez, Dr Alex Zerbini, Dr Phil Clapham and boat driver Tom Conlin satellite tagged on Silver Bank last week, in a joint project between the National Marine Mammal Lab and the Dominican Republic.


All five whales are mothers with calves; a sixth tag (on an escort) was deployed rather low on the body and hasn't transmitted yet, though it may wake up when it moves north into better satellite coverage. 


The two whales above have already begun migrating, headed (on their present course) for either the northern Scotian Shelf or the Grand Bank of Newfoundland and may pass by Bermuda. 



Below is a map showing the movements of the three other transmitting whales. One made a brief foray into deep water but has remained around Caicos Bank since.  One is still in the area where she was tagged on Silver Bank, while the fifth is currently headed east, heaven knows where; right now she's just north of Navidad Bank.


The tags are programmed to transmit every other day, so we won't hear from them again until the 18th now.


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