2009 04 18 Dead whale found floating 100 miles south of Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Dead humpback whale found by David Grote. You can see the pleats of its stomach are distended with the expanding gas inside the whale. David's comments are as follows:

"We were motorsailing and our course was essentially due north from Tortolla to Bermuda.  The flukes looked solid white, but underwater a lot of the skin was off the whale so it is hard to tell if that was the appearance in life or not. Aware of the possibility of sharks, we didn't swim to check it out, and the smell was as you can imagine!   We did not see any sharks about, but there were a lot of birds in the area. This was our only whale sighting, we did see a marlin and a turtle or two, but not much other sea life on the  trip."

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