2009 04 20 Latest satellite positions of satellite-tagged humpback whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

News from Dr Phil Clapham:

Latest positions for four tagged whales (one other hasn't transmitted for several days and we fear the tag has been damaged - not uncommon with humpbacks).


One interesting piece of news is that Jooke Robbins, Director for the Center for Coastal Studies has matched 87631 (from just the photo of its dorsal fin) to a whale called Tilt, a male from the Gulf of Maine (this whale was the only escort we tagged; all the others were moms with calves).  Tilt is currently headed in that direction.  86732 continues to go north also, not far from Tilt.


87760 is now clearly migrating, on a very different course to the other two.  We're wondering if this an eastern North Atlantic animal.  Finally, 87633 is a bit of a mystery; after spending time hanging out in one location with no obvious features (in deep water north of Navidad Bank), the whale continues to meander (maybe she needs a map!)



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