2009 04 25 14 hours on the water underwater video and lots of other boats and a few more fluke ids Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Mother and 3-month old calf, but it's not our satellite-tagged whale.


I got up while it was still dark, to embark on Sea Slipper with Michael Smith, Robin Russell at 6am. We returned to the dock past 8 pm. It was a spectacular day on Challenger with little wind and no waves or swells, but lots of boats.


We soon found a mother and calf and escort and I obtained some great underwater footage but when other boats approached later that day we gave up and searched for more whales elsewhere.


The calf comes for a closer look while the escort checks me out.


The calf is curious and comes back for several close looks while the escort keeps a watchful eye on me. Notice the shark bite on the left fluke of the escort below.









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