2009 05 1 On the Windrush to Challenger where a baby humpback ambushes us Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

On Geoff Gardner's catamaran sailboat Windrush to Challenger. We spot two whales breach one after the other on the crown of Challenger and then we wait, staying in more or less the position we saw the two whales breach. After 40 minutes of waiting they surface and then dive down for another 20 minutes. The cycle remains 20 minutes and they remain in the same area. Eventually we give up on them (no whale song evidenced by the digital recorder) and start heading back under sail.

I'm at the helm up above when a baby humpback crosses our bow so closely he almost goes between the two hulls. I turn the boat around and get into my wetsuit but on this perfectly calm day, in 300 feet of water, we lose the calf. We don't see any other whales in the area and eventually give up. Just like the other day, I figure the calves must be buddy breathing to avoid detection on calm days like this.