2009 05 2 On Dom Perignon with a mother and calf on Sally Tuckers Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

On Dom Perignon with Bob Steinhoff, his sister Linda and Linda's husband Jack. We spend the day criss-crossing Challenger and trolling the edges but no whales to be seen on a perfectly calm day. No song on the hydrophone either. We are heading back when we hear radio chatter about a mother and calf on the edge north of Sally Tuckers. We see Looking Glass and Blue Waters dive boat. Looking Glass leaves and we stay about 300-400 yards off the dive boat idling when the whales approach us and I get into the water. The mother and calf swim by me but continue on as the dive boat approaches. This happens two or three times. The BZS boat Endurance shows up and maintains a respectful distance from both the whales and us. We give up pretty soon on getting a close encounter with the mother and calf and head home.

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