2009 05 12 More matches made by Dr Jooke Robbins, Director for the Centre for Coastal Studies Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Dr Jooke Robbins has an incredible ability to recognise whale flukes immediately. While I thought I had gone over to the dark side when I recognised a fluke from last year, but didn't recognize a friend down on the beach, this is nothing compared to Dr Robbins ability to immediately recognise a fluke like the rest of us would identify a friend or aquaintance. Once we all get some time, I'll add the sighting history of each of these matches from Allied Whale.

Below are a couple of matches that Judy Allen at Allied Whale just sent me. She too can pick out the tiniest details that make a match. Photos on the left NAHWC# 1002 (1984) and NAHWC#7350 (2004) and NAHWC#1037 are Allied Whale's and on the right, #0224 and #0041 and #0267 taken here in Bermuda.




#0224 was previously seen on 7-Jul-79 in Split Pt, Nfld (H. Whitehead) and 20-Apr-84 Bermuda (Allied Whale). That's a 30-year sighting history!

#0267 was previously seen on  8-Jul-78 in Baccalieu Tickle, Nfld (H. Whitehead) and 1989 Samana Bay (Center for Coastal Studies). This one is a 31-year sighting history!


Here are some of Dr Robbins matches:

On the left is our Bermuda catalogue number and on the right is the match:

#0017=Bandit HWC 0789


#0037=Duo HWC 0456

#0052=Navajo HWC0225

#0072=Victor HWC 0374

#0071=Patches HWC 0211

#0180=Blanco HWC 0988


#0267=HWC 1037

#0286=Brooch HWC5811


#0256=Hail HWC 0612

#0273=Ping HWC 8277

#0069=Flash's calf

#0103=Nike HWC 8244


#0189=Mask HWC0246


And Judy Allen and Dr Peter Stevick came up with:

#0041 HWC7350