2009 05 23 Just when I thought it was over.The Good News and the Bad News from Dr Phil Clapham, NOAA Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The bad news, the good news...


The bad news is that our last tag - or so we thought - stopped transmitting a few days back, after crossing the Laurentian Channel. 


The much better news is that one tag that never transmitted at all - 87635, which was placed low on the whale - has suddenly woken up!  The whale is WAY out there on the edge of the Newfoundland Basin, about 500 miles west of the Azores and 600 miles SE of the Grand Bank (you can assume that the easternmost position on this map is a location error).


What happened here isn't clear, but it may be either that the antenna/salt water switch suddenly became clear of the skin, and/or that the animal has moved into better satellite coverage. Or maybe it just breached for the first time.


We will send around a final set of maps for all the other tags shortly.