2009 06 6 Summary of the satellite tagged whales movements and 87635 keeps transmitting!!! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

As of June 6th, 87635 is still hanging in there the only one of the six whales still transmitting, and the only one that didn't transmit for the first few weeks. Transmissions from 87635 are neither great nor frequent, and 87635 is still nowhere near an obvious feeding ground.  She must be very hungry by now (especially with a calf in tow). Here she is last night, heading for eastern Iceland or maybe the Faroes-Shetland Channel.

Below are complete tracks for all satellite-tagged humpback whales from Silver Bank, including our new friend 87635 (with dotted line to show her possible track from Silver Bank to where she is now) and below that, her actual track since she started transmitting.  

Dr Phil Clapham thought we'd come to the end of our run with 87635.  87635 was upposed to transmit the 29th of May and didn't, but for over a week now we have more transmissions and she is still online! Attached are the most recent maps we have of her.

Thanks to Dr Alex Zerbini, NOAA, for putting these together and to Dr Phil Clapham for relaying them on to us.








And its previous positions:



Below are the previous movements for 87635 from Dr Phil Clapham, NOAA.  Again, ignore that big jog over towards the Azores.  Not clear how accurate these positions are, and therefore how real these zig-zigs are; most were poorer quality signals, though not all.

And below, a closer look.

87635 as of the morning of the 26th of May... on this aggregate heading, she would be headed for the Barents Sea.

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