2009 06 15 Whales Bermuda or www.whalesbermuda.com has 100,000 visits! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

In just over a year, we've had over 100,000 visits to www.whalesbermuda.com!

That's pretty impressive I think for a home-grown, no-budget website. Thanks to Carol Dixon our volunteer web-mistress for setting it all up for us, and for bailing me out whenever I needed it. She has been essential to this achievement. This site is simple to use and yet provides a wealth of information, and perhaps most importantly, is a dynamic source of information, sometimes on a daily basis.

But more than anything, the volume of people visiting this website reflects the interest in humpbacks, and whales in general. As our project description says, 'Environmental conservation is the outcome of good research and community education'.

We are fortunate in Bermuda, having this island platform, which so effectively provides a unique window into the mid-ocean migration of the humpback whales. Through this website we are able to disseminate the research and observations we have done on the migratory social behaviour of humpback whales, as well as our hypotheses, to anyone who wants to see them. And what could be more effective as an agent of community education than a website?

Although I have spoken to or shown videos to audiences that must number several thousand over the past three years, the website information with all the written details, sounds, video and images can be accessed 24/7 by anyone in the world.

And that number now exceeds 100,000 visits from some 50,000 individual visitors. Most of them, about 45% are from Bermuda, 45% from the USA, followed by Canada and other countries. The site, unsurprisingly, is most often visited during the migration of humpback whales past Bermuda ie March, April and May.

Our YouTube site http://www.youtube.com/awstevenson with video footage and sound tracks of our humpback whales has had 116,000 visits in a year and a half. By far the most popular video is that ten minute sequence of 'Magical Whale' with over 41,000 visits in the last year and a half. The sound tracks of the humbacks prove to be very popular too. It's not surprising. I find listening to the humpbacks on the hydrophone to be a visceral experience, perhaps more intense even than swimming with them.


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