2009 07 8 Good news from Newfoundland about an entangled whales survival despite the odds Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


We have seen entangled whales here in Bermuda, caught in old drift nets floating in the ocean. Despite the fact that entanglements are probably the greatest cause of death, these whales are incredibly hardy creatures and can sometimes survive even the most dangerous of entanglements. Here's a nice story about an entangled whale in Newfoundland from Reg Kempen in Trinity, Bonavista Bay. Let's hope that this good ending applies to the calf we saw here in Bermuda on the 7th of March.


"When we saw whale P08 ('Pat') in August 2008 in lower Bonavista Bay , it had rope around it's body, over it's fluke and through it's jaws. The rope over the fluke later became dislodged and Wayne Ledwell (Newfoundland Whale Rescue) came out here from St.Phillips, and with Kris Prince's help, tried to cut the rope. Several attempts were made but unfortunately the whale was not easy to work with and all attempts were unsuccessful. Some of us feared the worst.


On June 20 this year, Kris was out off of Sweet Bay and took several pictures of a humpback (an early arrival) - when he showed them to me yesterday, I told him that I thought I recognised the fluke pattern but I did not have my laptop with me. On checking the images today, the humpback is definitely humpback P08!! I think this is really great news and significant that P08 was sighted close by the locations in which it was seen last year."

If anyone else has a story they'd like to tell us this summer while the whales are in the feeding grounds, please send them to us.

For a map of the routes the satellite-tagged whales took from their breeding grounds in the Caribbean to their feeding grounds up north, take a look at the next diary entry.

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