2009 10 2 Somersfield Academy where Peter Woolcock and I read from our latest childrens book Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


I was accompanied by illustrator Peter Woolcock at the Somersfield junior school assembly as we read chapter 2 from our new book, 'Bermuda's creatures meet the Qivittoq'. I played the straight man to Peter's repertoire of voices. He kept everyone in stitches with both his inimical voices and his antics. Next week we read chapter 3 and then I have to finish chapters 4 and 5...

The story so far? Bermuda's creatures encountered in "The Turtle who ate a Balloon" and "A Toad with One Eye" are on a quest after a humpback whale tells them that the oceans up north are getting warmer and the ice is melting. The quest is to find out all about Global Warning and the Giant Carbon Footprint. On their way up north to find Aunt Jobiska, Mr BUTT's knowledgeable aunt, the tired Umbriago el Dragon lands on a Bottom Troller where they catch a lift to Greenland where they meet a Qivittoq, Greenland's version of the Abominable Snowman.


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