2010 01 10- Whale sightings this season Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Our first two sightings were in late November, around the full moon, one on Argus Bank and the other off South Shore towards the east end. I saw spouts of whales some miles offshore Spittal Pond on Friday and Friday night there was a strange sighting of a 'baby' humpback around 12 feet long with white pectoral fins off Dockyard, in shallow water. The whale was breathing often at the surface and was close enough to shore to observe 'knobs' on his head. Is this another humpback calf born here in the winter months? Where was the mother? We've had severe storms for some time now as has all the Eastern Seaboard. Does that contribute to the baby whale being here in shallow water? And today more sightings of two large whales by commercial fishermen between Sally Tuckers and Challenger Bank heading northwest. The whaling season has begun and I can hardly wait to get out there and look and listen for our humpbacks. As soon as the weather gives us a reasonable break, a respite from the high winds and waves we've had for over a month now.

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