2010 02 4- We have 72 hours to stop whaling! From the WDCS Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

I received this email today from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society:

"Dear friend

We have 72 hours to stop whaling!

In 2009, you stopped the IWC from allowing Greenland to kill 10 humpback whales.

Now the proposal to kill humpbacks is back and it’s being ‘squeezed through the backdoor’. At a meeting of the IWC being this Thursday and Friday, the vote is being ‘stacked’ to get this quota through.

Why such pressure?

The pro-whaling nations are worried that if they lose the vote on the humpbacks it may scupper their chances of overturning the ‘ban’ on commercial whaling too.

With your help we can stop the Greenland proposal and then we can have a clear run at stopping the commercial whaling vote too.

The European Union can block this latest proposal, but the EU has tied itself up with a legal procedural stalemate that is forcing all EU members to abstain on this vote, and this will allow the proposal to go through.

We cannot let this happen!

Please, please, sign and send the action alert to all the EU members of the IWC in the next 72 hours.

You made the difference in the past, - you can make the difference today. "

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