2010 03 18- Our first fluke ids of the year Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Despite the bad beginning witnessing a whale trying to get out of its rope entanglement, we did have a lovely day. Winds were higher than we expected and waves were high giving us a bumpy ride. We were caught in a couple of rain squalls and had a waterspout not too far off us. The rough conditions were more than made up for by our enthusiasm. We had a lovely pas de deux by a pair of whales during a rain squall as they put on a synchronised acrobatic display, tail lobbing for several minutes in unison. We managed to obtain both of their fluke ids and another one later in the afternoon.



We estimated we saw some 20 whales during the course of the day. At 4.30 in the afternoon we had four whales come to the boat and examine us closely including two who raised their heads out of the water just twenty feet behind our transom to get a better look at us. It was hard to say what these four whales were, but at least two of them didn't seem large and I would guess that these were four juveniles rather than two mothers with two calves. They were a fairly active group and stuck together but were also curious about us, particularly when we had the boat in neutral.