2010 04 6- another ten hours on the water with lots of whales and plenty of fluke ids Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


On Ocean Potion at 10 am with Roland Lines, Camilla and Ian to Challenger where we were surrounded by whales for several hours. We saw whales consistently throughout the day and a couple of times while moving from one group of whales to another to obtain fluke ids we spotted whales under or right beside us. A lucrative day for fluke ids which we have yet to categorize and log. We found whales in the places where we expected to find them. There were a couple of surface active groups comprising as many as 8-10 animals with plenty of breaching activity, lobtailing, pec slapping etc. At a quarter past five we were on Challenger with four whales around us. We had a bonus on the way home with another active group of four whales at Sally Tuckers. Home by 8 pm.

dsc_0284_compressed dsc_0681_edited_compressed


Camilla recognized the fluke to the left as Ping, a whale we had here a year ago.

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