2010 04 7- Another 12 hours on the water, lots of whales and fluke ids from Jim Tulloch Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

dsc_0002_edited dsc_0005_compressed

Camilla and I work hard on Sea Slipper on the way out, sorting this week's fluke ids while the rest of the crew enjoy themselves.


More generic whale breaching. When you have your camera ready for a fluke shot, sometimes a whale breaches right into the viewfinder.

An amazing day on Challenger with whales all around us again and so many fluke ids we still haven't categorized them yet. Lots of surface activity with large groups of whales, probably males around a female occasionally with a yearling calf. Plenty of whale watching boats. In Bermuda that might mean two or three.

dsc_0398_compressed   dsc_0166_edited_compressed

Often we couldn't find the whales and the only indication that they were below us was the depth sounder reading something less than the 180 feet of water we were in. That's when a whale breaches right beside you.

dsc_0628_compressed dsc_0720_edited_compressed

On the left above the preferred technique to attract whales is to chum up. On the right above a fluke id with the local vet about to make a closer inspection.

dsc_0971_edited dsc_0924_compressed

On the way home Camilla and I work at sorting the fluke ids again while our one-armed captain lurches around the boat checking our knots.

fluke_1_jim_tulloch_7-apr-10_edited_compressed fluke_2_jim_tulloch_7-apr-10_edited_compressed

The above two fluke ids were sent in by Jim Tulloch on Explorer.