2010 04 8- Another long day on the water with plenty of active whales Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Mother and yearling calf. We photographed this mother four days ago.

Another spectacular day on the water with lots of whales and plenty of surface active behaviour of groups ranging from four to eight individuals. After four years of dedicated whale watching and approaching 1000 hours on the water, the patterns of behaviour are becoming more and more predictable. Detailed notes, observations, and data are logged on each trip for future reference.

dsc_0133_compressed dsc_0606_edited_compressed

We dropped the hydrophone in the canyon and heard whale song echoing off the walls of the canyon. These songs reminded me of the songs recorded by Frank Watlington and Dr Roger Payne. We recorded again on the Challenger seamount and to my unacoustical ear, the song was very different from what we heard in the canyon but similar to previous years' whale song recorded on Challenger.

dsc_0758_edited_compressed dsc_0747_compressed

dsc_0871_compressed_1 dsc_0919_compressed

A perfect day topped off by the green flash of the sun setting below the horizon.

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