2010 04 9- A quick trip to Sally Tuckers where we hear whale song Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


On Ocean Potion to Sally Tuckers with Roland Lines, Judie Clee, Camilla and myself. We pick up our first two whales pretty quickly in shallow water but they are elusive and make for deeper water after we obtain at least one of their fluke ids. Soon after we encounter two more active whales on the edge of the Bermuda platform before the canyon. We lose them, then find them again and they come around the boat several times for a closer inspection. In the water I hear whale song, very loud and clear, and probably the most beautiful song I've heard, ever. The two whales, both adults, probably a male and female, come to me for a closer look but the water is full of plankton and the video, despite their close proximity, is not sharp. The song continues and I notice large bubbles coming up at me from somewhere deep below and I guess this is the singer. Soon after the singing stops.

dsc_0006_compressed dsc_1_1_compressed

On the way home we encounter two more whales, one very large and again, probably a male and female. They come to the boat several times and I slip into the water and obtain close up video of them as they pass under me. We are back by four in the afternoon.

dsc_0167_compressed dsc_0116_edited_compressed

And you don't have to go out on a boat to see the whales. The photo below was taken by Devon Moss from South Shore.


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