2010 05 08- A mother and calf in clear waters come to the boat Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


On a clear day, thanks to a tip from Jolly Roger, Endurance finds a mother and a three-month calf. Without the tipoff, we probably wouldn't have spotted them. They two whales didn't seem to spout at all, quietly coming to the surface to breathe without the tell-tale vapour cloud. It seemed at times as if the calf was feeding from the mother who was stationary just below the surface. After several minutes the calf surfaced to breathe a few times and then went back under its mother.  Not only did they not spout, they didn't fluke either, and so no fluke ids were obtained.

On board Endurance was Captain Tim Hasselbring, whale experts Lynn Thorne, Judie Clee, and Camilla Stringer, Pirate and Lookout Roger Simmons, myself and a group of volunteers at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

dsc_0489_edited dsc_0593_edited_compressed 

Roger the Pirate on lookout duties, Captain Tim explaining how the whales were underneath us.

dsc_0632_edited dsc_0622_compressed

Lynn showing us an X-ray of a whale's flippers while Camilla explains the finer details of fluke matching.

dsc_0575_compressed1 dsc_0625_compressed

Lynn uploading some of her fluke ids onto a memory stick for our catalogue. Judie keeps an eye out for critters.


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