2010 05 11- A whale matched here in Bermuda in each of the last 3 years Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Photo taken 2010 04 19 by Lynn Thorne.

In the three years that we have applied ourselves to taking fluke identification photos we have our first home run. This whale has been photographed in Bermuda in each of the last three years. If we could get out almost every day and id all the whales that came through Bermuda I'm sure we'd have a few more whales that we recognise year after year. While less than ten percent of the flukes ids come from photographers unaffiliated with the Humpback Whale Research Project, the fact that two of these photographs came from a different person on other boats emphasises the importance of photographers on whale watching boats contributing their photographs. Thanks Lynn and Richard for these invaluable contributions to our records.

See the previous years' images below to compare:


Photo taken 2009 04 05 by Richard Lee.


Photo taken 2008 04 20 by Andrew Stevenson.

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