2010 07 03- One of the satellite-tagged whales begins transmitting! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Well, it took only a few weeks, but one of our Guadeloupe tags has come back online (thanks to Alex for patiently checking)... presumably because - as suspected - the tag was in too deep and the saltwater switch has only now worked its way out. 


The whale's location is a bit of a surprise.  87781 is currently in the middle of nowhere between the Azores and the Grand Bank of Newfoundland... quite what it's doing out there at this point in the summer remains to be seen.  This tag is programmed to transmit only on odd-numbered days, so we won't hear from it again until the 5th (we hope!)





We'll post the next transmissions from Dr Phil Clapham when we get them.

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