2010 08 28- Satellite tagged whale positions in New Caledonia.Bering Sea tranmissions fail Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


"When satellite tagging works, it reveals some often amazing 
patterns of  movement (and frequently tells us that what we thought we knew 
about whales is wrong). The New Caledonia tags (attached) are very 
interesting: three whales are hanging around Antigonia Reef way 
offshore, and one is heading northwest up the eastern coast of New 
Caledonia to who knows where. Two other whales are heading in the 
general direction of Australia, or at least the Great Barrier Reef 
system; and three more - including one that came back online after 
a prolonged pause in transmissions - are heading way south. One of 
this trio has almost reached Norfolk Island (apparently a navigational 
waypoint), one is heading to New Zealand, and the other one is 
going... dunno! Out to the Tonga Trench?
The Bering Sea tag, sadly, has stopped transmitting... but not 
before it gave us valuable information about movements between the Aleutians 
and Russia."

Dr Phil Clapham


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