2010 09 19- Twelve hours before Hurricane Igor Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


This is Devonshire Bay where we kept our center console boat for 'whaling' during the migration. This boat (not ours) was left there too late and is now splintered on the rocks

 dsc_0537 dsc_0549

My sister Jackie and her husband Jay checking the boarded up houses adjacent to theirs and going for a swim in their aptly described infinity pool

dsc_0494 dsc_0499

View to the eastern side of John Smith's Beach with a house that will be bearing the brunt of the storm in 12 hours. And on the right the view looking to the west of John Smith's Beach

dsc_0488 dsc_0520

Above left the view along the South Shore from Spittal Pond and above right the obscured view west from Pokiok Estates


Somers and Annabel test the wind