2010 09 21- A Gates underwater housing for Elsa Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Elsa with her congratulatory card from Gates' John Ellerbrock after opening the cardboard box. Elsa has the Gates underwater housing for a small high definition video camera to continue the sequel of "Where the Whales Sing". Now instead of just narrating the film or taking still or video images from the surface, she'll be able to get underwater video and photos too. We have a pretty good idea what the 'sequel to "Where the Whales Sing" will be but we'll keep that under our hats until we are ready to do it.


Welcoming the Fed Ex driver with the big box and pulling out the envelope.

dsc_0028 dsc_0030

The congratulatory note from John Ellerbrock says, "Congratulations Elsa! You did a great job!"

Elsa and I won an award at the recent BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, California in the "Best emerging underwater filmmaker" category.


The housing and HD video camera ready to be deployed at the first opportunity by Elsa, but for now safely in my office, out of reach of the sticky fingers of Elsa's little sister Somers!