2010 09 22- Elsas request to post some of her selections of photos from our summer hols Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Somers removing the lid of an inspection tank to let a frog escape as fast as Elsa can run up from the pond with replacements near our rented cottage in Bar Harbor, where Elsa attended some courses at College of the Atlantic and I communed with the whale experts at Allied Whale.

Elsa is in the scrapbook club at school and selected these photos of her summer holidays for her scrapbook.

2010_summer_hols_1_879 2010_summer_hols_2_1233

Elsa and Somers in the Bar Harbor Whale Museum left and right Somers in the acoustic studio listening and watching the spectrogram of an orca.

2010_summer_hols_2_148 2010_summer_hols_2_157

Above left, back at the pond where Elsa does the Prince test and kisses a frog. Alas, no prince and so the frog is free to go.

2010_summer_hols_1_925 2010_summer_hols_2_1282

Elsa and Somers at the museum at College of the Atlantic and right, Somers listening to the acoustics of whales once again at the Whale Museum.

2010_summer_hols_2_876 2010_summer_hols_2_1992

Left above, Elsa catching critters while Somers studies her technique. The only thing Somers seemed to catch was herself.

2010_summer_hols_1_105 2010_summer_hols_2_271

Somers eats her meal, left above, while Elsa gives hers away to a friend, net of course, always in hand.

2010_summer_hols_2_1175 2010_summer_hols_2_1548

Elsa back at her pond looking for frogs and Somers kissing a mackerel to see if it turns into...?

2010_summer_hols_2_1947 2010_summer_hols_4_069

Elsa and Somers looking for whales left and feeding a horse, above right.

2010_summer_hols_1_019 2010_summer_hols_1_1014

And for something completely different, I took Elsa up in a glider left, and right, a proud Elsa in the cockpit of a bi-plane.