2010 10 12- Elsa checks out her Gates underwater housing Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Elsa test drives her Gates underwater housing in her favourite rock pool with her little sister Somers. The camera and housing are light enough for Elsa to carry it on her own.


dsc_0114 dsc_00491

Elsa swims easily with the camera which is only slightly negatively bouyant while Somers follows her around as the safety diver, or something.

dsc_00651 dsc_0104

Elsa checks the settings on the camera and then films Somers.

dsc_0120 dsc_0203

On the left, Elsa finds some small fish hiding in the crevices of rocks to film and then at the end of the day brings the camera ashore. A fantastic evening marred only by the fact that I had my cell phone in my board shorts and squatted in the water to get some of these photos... Once again, Cellular One has come to the rescue and issued me with another phone. (The previous one also drowned- when Somers stirred my coffee with it).

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