2010 11 19 Finding an octopus, BAMZ and reading Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Elsa and Somers find an octopus at the water's edge by the public dock in front of the Aquarium

dscn8660a dscn8671a

The octopus just below the surface left and changing colours as it flees

dscn8703 dscn8733

Somers above left in the aviary and Somers and Elsa in the Discovery Room at the Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

dscn8865a dscn8848a

We should call ourselves the bookworm family. Both girls open their books as soon as they get back in the car. Once home Somers doesn't get a few steps from the car before opening her book.

dscn8819 dscn8827a

Elsa gets a bit further, but not much, reading her book on dragons in the front entrance only to be approached by Somers who has finished her book and wants to swap.


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