2011 01 01- Whales spotted again, second day in a row and first of the calendar year Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Another beautiful afternoon despite a rainy start. Elsa and I went diving five miles north of Bermuda where I found an injured lobster so Elsa insisted we bring it home and put it in Harrington Sound where it is protected. On the way back, Jill Day phoned up to tell us she had spotted two more whales off Devonshire Bay. I dropped Elsa off on Grape Bay Beach with mummy and Somers while I went to Williams Estate to see if I could find the whales.

dscn9142 dscn9157

I found the whales pretty quickly, some miles off Devonshire Bay but the air was so clear and the slanted sunlight lit up their blows against the blue of the ocean. These were two whales that blew at the same time and they remained together, more like a female and escort. I also saw what looked like a very small calf's blow which appeared more frequently than the two bigger blows. I would have guessed that these were not the same whales we followed along South Shore for some hours yesterday. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say these were a female with a calf and perhaps a male escort. If this is the case, it is further indication that the humpbacks are re-colonizing Bermuda as a breeding ground. If so, then Bermuda must be one of the only places in the world where the humpbacks feed, give birth, and migrate past. 

Above are Elsa, Somers and myself all happy because we are releasing the lobster we caught. Somers, Elsa and mummy watch as the lobster slowly walks away at Devil's Hole.

 dscn9149 dscn9138


Shevaun Aicardi emailed to say that she was on the Delta flight from Atlanta around 2:30 pm on New Years Day, the pilot flew in low over Pompano and then banked out over South Shore towards the airport and she spotted a whale. Apparently it was quite large, and rolling over revealed a mostly white belly. She only saw the one and it was in very deep water.