2011 01 09- Some 20 fluke IDs from our summer holidays in Nova Scotia matched in an evening Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Sorting through photos of humpbacks from our summer holiday on Brier Island, Bay of Fundy, for my illustrated book, "Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic Humpbacks" (to be published by Constable and Robinson in London in September 2011) I came across a few fluke IDs. The one above I matched relatively easily with the 7,000+ Allied Whale North Atlantic Humpback Whale Catalogue because of its unusual 'fireworks' display pattern. By going to the Type 2 category and the 'fireworks' sub-type, I was able to match this photo to NAHWC #0393 also known as Quote. This whale was first photographed 32 years ago in 1978. The other photos weren't so easy to identify but as luck would have it, although it was Saturday night, Dr Jooke Robbins at the Provincetown Centre for Coastal Studies was at her computer. Within minutes of sending out each email with a fluke ID attached, I had Dr Robbins' reply with the whale's matching identification. One whale she identified by the dorsal fin I sent.

 2010_summer_hols_3_1584_edited_knuckles_nahwc_8292 2010_summer_hols_3_1507_edited_knuckles_10_calf

Above left is Knuckles or NAHWC #8292 first photographed in 1986 and to the right is her calf.

2010_summer_hols_4_1462_edited_shuttle_nahwc_0626 2010_summer_hols_4_950_edited_shuttles_calf

Above left is Shuttle, first identified in 1986 and to the right is Shuttle's calf that had befriended Elsa when we were out on the water in a zodiac

2010_summer_hols_6_179_edited_bungee_nahwc_8185_1992 2010_summer_hols_6_211_edited_1_bungee_10_cal

Above left is Bungee or NAHWC #8185 first ID'ed in 1992 and to the right her calf

2010_summer_hols_3_1335_edited_jurassic_nahwc_8799_2000 2010_summer_hols_3_1446_edited_snowplow

Above left is Jurassic NAHWC #8799 first photo ID'ed in 2000 and above right is Snowplow

2010_summer_hols_3_1465_edited_cowlick_nahwc_8752_2006 2010_summer_hols_4_439_tether

Above left is Cowlick NAHWC #8752 first photographed in 2006 and to the right is Tether which has not been given an NAHWC # yet

2010_summer_hols_4_628_edited_crook_nahwc8157_1993 2010_summer_hols_4_1530_edited_badge_nahwc_0689_1987

Above left is Crook or NAHWC #8157 first identified in 1993 and above right is Badge NAHWC #0689 first ID'ed in 1987

2010_summer_hols_4_1554_edited_frost_nahwc_0411_1983 2010_summer_hols_6_480_edited_nahwc_8781chorni_1997

Above left is Frost also known as NAHWC #0411 first identified in 1983 and above right is Chorni or NAHWC #8781first photographed in 1997

2010_summer_hols_6_698_edited_meteor_nahwc_0266_1980 2010_summer_hols_6_781_edited_mogul_nahwc_0565_1986

Above left is Meteor or NAHWC #0266 first identified thirty years ago in 1980 and above right is Mogul or NAHWC #0565 first photographed in 1986

2010_summer_hols_3_1783_edited_flash_10_calf 2010_summer_hols_4_1568_edited_questionmark

And above left is Flash's 2010 calf and above right one we haven't identified yet

There were a couple more that we are still in the process of identifying, but not bad for an evening's work


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