2012 01 12- Despite high winds, clouds, big waves we spot whales wihin minutes of looking Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Today I was out distributing leaflets asking people with views of South Shore to let us know of any whale sightings. Taking a break, we stopped at lay by above Warwick Long Bay Beach. Despite high winds, big waves, rain squalls and poor light, well within a minute I spotted the spouts of two whales about 1/2 mile offshore. The photo above isn't of those whales- unfortunately the conditions were such that the blows were only just visible, and the whale didn't breach!

Tonight I will be screening "Where the Whales Sing" with an update on the 2010 season at BUEI at 7.00. More info above in red.

Shevaun Aicardi emailed today to say that she was on the Delta flight from Atlanta around 2:30 pm on New Years Day, when the pilot flew in low over Pompano and then banked out over South Shore towards the airport and she spotted a whale. Apparently it was quite large, and rolling over revealed a mostly white belly. She only saw the one and it was in very deep water.



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