2011 01 15- www.whalesbermuda.com has 800,000 hits or views Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Our website has now reached over 800,000 hits or views since we started the site in 2008. It took seven weeks in our off-season to reach this milestone from the 700,000 hits we attained in November. We will no doubt reach a million hits when the humpbacks begin to migrate northwards past our  shores in late March/April.

The photo above is a still frame taken out of my high definition video of a curious calf that came to me for a closer look when I was in the water fifteen miles off Bermuda, on Challenger Bank.


 158-01_15 167-01_15

Somers above left at Elsa's Shark Swim Club practice on Horseshoe Beach and waving at the whales to come join her (unsuccesfully)

179-01_15 188-001_15

Above left Somers offers me some home-made chocolate sandwich which looked suspiciously to me like a dry Grape Bay leaf with sand in the middle and later in the day at a friend's house overlooking South Shore the two girls make friends with the cats while I search unsuccesfully for whales

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