2011 01 15- www.whalesbermuda.com has 800,000 hits or views Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Our website has now reached over 800,000 hits or views since we started the site in 2008. It took seven weeks in our off-season to reach this milestone from the 700,000 hits we attained in November. We will no doubt reach a million hits when the humpbacks begin to migrate northwards past our  shores in late March/April.

The photo above is a still frame taken out of my high definition video of a curious calf that came to me for a closer look when I was in the water fifteen miles off Bermuda, on Challenger Bank.


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Somers above left at Elsa's Shark Swim Club practice on Horseshoe Beach and waving at the whales to come join her (unsuccesfully)

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Above left Somers offers me some home-made chocolate sandwich which looked suspiciously to me like a dry Grape Bay leaf with sand in the middle and later in the day at a friend's house overlooking South Shore the two girls make friends with the cats while I search unsuccesfully for whales