2011 01 16 First time out on the boat this year and we see three whales Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Washing down Sea Slipper after our succesful inaugral trip for 2011.

Two whales spotted in shallow water off Chubb Heads close to the edge, and another humpback spotted at Sally Tuckers. Ian Card was on Argus Bank and he reports seeing a couple of whales there.

Report from Tab Froud the next day, 17th January that he had seen a large whale off 'Western Blue Cut jump out of the water about ¼ mile in front of us'.

That's the good news. The bad news is we lost both sets of whales. We couldn't find them again despite good visibility and relatively calm seas. How did we lose them? These whales were close to edge, but not on the edge itself. If they are resting/sleeping in relatively shallow water 50-70 feet deep, they could be down for a long time. I think we consistently drive over these sleepers when we don't spot them within 10-20 minutes and then lose them.Cry

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I arrived home in time to read to Somers "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back". Not a long book, and full of excitement, but it was all too much for Somers who fell asleep in the 'reading chair'. She had had a disturbed sleep the previous night. Below is a photo of her father on board Sea Slipper this afternoon, who obviously had had a disturbed sleep also. He was supposed to be looking for whales today but this doesn't look exactly like a crow's nest and this crew member doesn't seem to be terribly alert.