2011 01 20- Another fine afternoon and evening and once again, whale sightings Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Above is Andrew Scaif's photo of the whale breaching off Grape Bay Beach. I haven't played around with it on Adobe, but you can see what a beautiful evening it was

Yesterday afternoon and evening turned out to be beautiful weather. Once again with the calm, clear weather we had whale sightings along the South Shore. Tom Sheratt was the first to call from Whale Watch Hill with two more more whales to his west around 4.45 pm. Then we had a call from Andrew Scaif on Hungry Bay with at least three whales breaching and carrying on about a hundred yards off the buoy marking the Hamilton effluent discharge site around 5.00. Then we had a call from Tim Card confirming at least four whales off Elbow Beach with much surface activity including breaching up until around 5.30 pm.  For anyone familar with these locations, these sightings all seem to pertain to the same group of whales which were slowly moving west.

Teddy Tucker reports seeing 12 individual humpback whales out on the South West corner of the Bermuda platform on Tuesday the 18th of January. 

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