2011 02 8 More photos of head lunges of a rowdy group on the Silver Bank Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A male humpback lunges on top of the male in front of him as he jockeys for position as the female's primary escort

2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_480_edited 2011_feb_3rd_feb_silver_bank_am_483_edited

While the males compete vigorously for her attention and to position themselves as her primary escort, the big female below left continues on her way unscathed and relatively unconcerned. But if all is quiet around her, she's not adverse to a little bit of flirtation, whacking her sixteen-foot pectoral fin on the water to generate some enthusiasm from her adernt but sometimes exhausted, flagging admirers.

2011_jan_31_silver_bank_490_edited 2011_jan_31_silver_bank_573