2011 02 9 Sunrise photos of a rowdy group with female Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A big male does the 'alligator thing' as he swims with his head above water and tries to insert himself between the female and the primary escort. Often males will open their mouths and inflate their grooved pouches under their jaws to appear bigger


The female keeps a low profile above, with just her blowhole showing above the surface like the periscope on a submarine

 2011_feb_4th_feb_silver_bank_am_037_edited 2011_feb_4th_feb_silver_bank_am_039_edited

The male escort pursues her above left as a challenger prepares to jostle into position


The challenger winds himself up in a final attempt to unleash tons of energy at his rival

2011_feb_4th_feb_silver_bank_am_015_edited After twenty minutes of figthing the male escort keeps his position next to the female. The two dorsal fins are indicative of the genders of these two whales. The whale in front and on the other side is the female with her well-shaped dorsal fin while the male, nearest, has the typical rounded dorsal fin which is the result of battling it out with other males

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