2011 02 22- More flukes from the Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic identified Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   



This photograph, taken by me on the Silver Bank on the 31st of January this year, has been identified by Dr Jooke Robbins as the Gulf of Maine humpback Scythe, also known in the Allied Whale catalogue as HWC#0326. Scythe was first photographed in his birth year, 1979. He is the calf of 'Feather' HWC#0255 first photographed in the Gulf of Maine in 1979. Thanks to the art and science of fluke IDs, we know this whale is 32 years old. Cool stuff!


For an older photo of Scythe sent to me by Dr Robbins, see below:



I have some 26+ new fluke ids from the Silver Bank taken the last days of January and first few days of February this year. I will add these to this website. Here are four more of them.

2011_feb_1st_silver_bank_am_106_edited 2011_feb_1st_silver_bank_am_126_edited

2011_feb_1st_silver_bank_am_171_edited 2011_feb_1st_silver_bank_pm_313edited




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