2011 03 1 Whale sightings again here in Bermuda Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Tab Froud reports at least six whale on Challenger and Argus Banks today when we had absolutely flat calm weather. These whales seemed to be breaching, tail lobbing and other surface activity rather than feeding. I had gone out today with Kevin Horsefield but engine problems forced us back. Bermuda Marine Radio contacted me with whale sightings from an inbound 50' sailing boat which included two fin whales!!! Tim Card as usual has been finding whales from South Shore when the opportunity arises.

Throughout this winter, without fail, whenever we have had good visibility with small waves and calm winds, we have consistently had whale sightings.


Please do report any whale sightings, especially during these winter months outside of the main migration of whales coming past Bermuda in late March through April. These reports provide invaluable data to marine scientists to help determine what the North Atlantic humpbacks are doing. Later this spring NOAA will be satellite tagging an additional 10 whales in Guadaloupe and those positions will relayed to us by NOAA as they have done in past years. Watch this space because we will have lots of photos and information over the next couple of months.

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