2011 03 07- Interview with Keith Caesar on CITV's Film Corner Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Myself and Keith Caesar on the set of "Film Corner" on CITV. This interview will be broadcast several times this week along with the sixty-minute documentary, "Where the Whales Sing".

Bermuda is the only mid-ocean platform in the Northern hemisphere providing a window into the migratory social behaviour of humpback whales. This one-hour film documents new evidence of the humpbacks' lives with remarkable close-up underwater footage of humpback whales in Bermuda, their breeding grounds in the Caribbean, and their feeding grounds in Eastern Canada.


Three years ago I embarked on what seemed like an interesting and challenging project to film the North Atlantic humpback whales underwater in the middle of their mid-ocean migratory crossings. The humpback whales have since become an overriding passion. Share my journey, told through the eyes of my 6-year old daughter, Elsa.


There will be a mot more material to be added to this website starting next week!

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