2011 03 14- A perfect day, variable winds and a dozen whales and a couple of matches! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

dsc_0557_edited_compressed dsc_0604_edited_compressed

dsc_0174_edited_compressed dsc_0080_edited_compressed

Here are some photos taken by Michael Smith and Camilla Stringer today out on Challenger Bank where they spotted around a dozen whales. Many more photos to come from this bumber crop day as soon as we get a chance to process them.

dsc_0041-1_cs dsc_0200-1_cs

dsc_0419_cshwc8655_cs_edited dsc_0281

Judie Clee has already matched a couple of our flukes IDs for this week. Above left is Camilla's photo which matches Allied Whale's  NAHWC8655 also known as "Mascara" first ID'ed in Gulf of Maine by Jooke Robbins in 2003. Above right is another of Camilla's photos which matches NAHWC #8719 first ID'ed in Maine in 2005. And below is the same 8719 the next day which I photographed while it put on a lobtailing display.


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