2011 03 19- Images from my trip last week to the Silver Bank in the Caribbean Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A mother and calf come and check me out


The curious calves can sometimes be quite rambunctious

still_frames_silver_bank_2011_63_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_33_edited

Each humpback has a personality of its own. Some are shy, some not

still_frames_silver_bank_2011_66_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_42_edited

While the some calves may not be shy, their mothers are always on the look out

still_frames_silver_bank_2011_55_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_27_edited

Sometimes the calves seem like big clumsy puppies, not yet fully aware of the extremities of their 16-foot bodies

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