2011 03 22- "Where the Whales Sing" screens in Washington DC for their Environmental Film Festival Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Some 400 inner city schoolchildren, parents, and teachers come to the magnificent THEARC theatre complex in South East Washington DC to see a screening of "Where the Whales Sing" at the Nation's Capital Environmental Film Festival. For me it was very moving to see how well behaved these young children were, and how they related to Elsa in the film, despite the huge differences in lives. As often happens when I attend a screeningn of the film to schoolchildren, I was impressed by their obvious knowledge, curiousity and enthusiasm for the whales. Thank you all for coming! More photos below:

washington_film_festival_077 washington_film_festival_074 

Above left the first class to arrive poses with me before entering the theatre. Above right the kids were full of questions

washington_film_festival_137 washington_film_festival_133

Above left the beautiful complex called THEARC in the poorer area of South East Washington DC. Above right one of the shyer students asks me a question after the screening

A special thank you to the festival organizers and especially to Maribel Guevara for getting me to Washington.

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