2011 03 24- More photos from the Caribbean from two weeks ago Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


A calf swims close to its mother as they swim by me


still_frames_silver_bank_2011_97_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_100_edited

 still_frames_silver_bank_2011_119_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_114_edited

Above mother and calf approach head on and pass by a coral reef

still_frames_silver_bank_2011_127_edited still_frames_silver_bank_2011_122_edited

Above left a calf and its mother get their signals crossed and to the right an escort blows threatening bubbles between me and the female


Above yet another example of a scarred whale from rope or net entanglement. The white scars under its pectoral fin along its belly and at the leading edge of the fluke confirmed above water photos of scars revealing a whale that had been badly entangled at some point in its life. This is a male escort with a female


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