2011 03 25- Our Judie Clee makes a remarkable match- whale #1824 that has not been seen in 32 years! Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   


Regular contributor, Richard Lee took this photo on 19th March 2011 while with Michael Hayward on Explorer. Judie Clee matched this whale to the photo below taken on July 5, 1979 in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland by Jeff Goodyear. That's a thirty-two year spread with no sightings in between. This is an all black fluke and Judie Clee identified it by matching the trailing edge- no mean achievement! This match was confirmed by Judy Allen at Allied Whale as NAHWC#1824.

See below for the archival photo taken thirty-two years ago and see if you can see why it's a match!


The white spots on both photos are spashes or water, not pigmentation, which is one reason why computer programmes haven't been able to do what the human eye and judgement can do.

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