2011 04 07- 11 hours on the water, more fluke IDs and a remarkable match of 0006/NAHWC6002 Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Judie Clee made a remarkable match today. The whale scratching its back and belly, chin and head in a sand hole in the video footage http://www.youtube.com/user/elsa230503?feature=mhum  two days ago on the 5th of April was identified by Judie as our #0006 photographed on the 21st of April 2007 here in Bermuda. Below is a still frame from this whale today as she came up from the sand hole.


0006_2_bd_2007_04_21_as 0006_1_bd_2007_04_21_as_2011_04_04_m6002

Anove left is a fluke ID I took of this whale in 2007 on the 21st of April and above right on the 20th of April. Judie identified it by stopping the video at 7:00 of the 7:34 minutes before I managed to get her the still frame.  Judie also matched the fluke ID in the video to the NAHWC catalogue as #6002, first photographed in 1977. But even more remarkable is the fact that this whale was first photographed in Bermuda, 34 years ago by Peter Cohen who had an association with ORES. It was later seen 1980 in Trinity Bay (M. Moore), 2001 Witless Bay (D. Snow) both in Newfoundland.

 whales_scratching_photos_of_other_whale_002_edited 0584_na6042sn40521

The image left above is of the fluke of the other whale that was also scratching itself in the sand hold. Not great images at all but Judie Clee was able to match it to NAHWC#6042 on the right above, also first photographed in Bermuda in 1984, 27 ago.  

And Judy Allen at Allied Whale, College of the Atlantic has informed us of the sighting history for this whale.

"First sighting in 1984 by Allied Whale, April 14, 1984. Two other sightings are Yonah photos - both from Jon Lien, Memorial University: July 1992, White Bay, Nfld and Sept 1992 Strait of Belle Isle. Cool that these are both Bermuda whales, also both Newfoundland whales...  and one more Bermuda multiple-year record!" Above right is the archival Yonah photo of 6042 (credit Jon Lien, YoNAH, Memorial University of Nfld)


On Sea Slipper, we managed to obtain a handful more fluke IDs above left and below:

 0573_1_bd_2011_04_07_as 0574_1_bd_2011_04_07_as

The whale above right I thought I recognised from Monday and thought it was the whale scratching its back but it wasn't. It did however match one of the whales from Monday. A re-sighting over three days.

0575_1_bd_2011_04_07_as 0571_1_bd_2011_04_07_as

Judie Clee has aleady matched the fluke above left, our 0575 to NAHWC#3864 first photographed in Newfoundland in 1993

 0579_1_bd_2011_04_07_gg 0578_1_bd_2011_04_07_rl

Geoff Gardner sent us the fluke ID of the friendly mother with calf above left and Richard Lee sent us the photo of the calf, above right, probably a yearling

 2011_04_07_whales_077_edited 2011_04_07_whales_085_edited

I'd give up a breaching shot for a whale's tail any day

0580_1_bd_2011_04_07_cs 2011_04_07_whales_289_edited 

Camilla's photo above left. After a long day chasing whales' tails, this longtail made a welcome change.

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