2011 04 07-Magical Whale is back! Print
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

The star of "Where the Whales Sing" is back in Bermuda!


The above photo was taken by Ken Vickers on Challenger Bank late Thursday afternoon 7th April 2011. It is clearly Magical Whale. The photo below was taken by Kevin Horsefield during our similar encounter with Magical Whale on the 24th April 2007. That is also Kevin Horsefield's photo of Magical Whale on our home page from that same date. I admit to feeling emotional when I realized Magical Whale is safe and has come back.


0001_5_bd_2007_04_23_kw 0001_8_bd_2007_04_23_kw

The photos above were taken by Kelly Winfield on our boat on the same day in 2007. Despite his friendly behaviour in approaching boats, Magical Whale has now been identified only twice and both times in Bermuda- in 2007 and 2011. I assume that Magical Whale must feed in an area that is not heavily populated, like Greenland. Last summer Greenland was given a quota by the International Whaling Commission to kill 27 humpback whales- 9 per year over three years. Let's say there are four hundred humpback whales feeding in Greenland waters. 27 whales is 6.75% of the whale population in Greenland. With Magical Whale's propensity to approach boats the way he does in Bermuda, he increases his chances of being killed in Greenland by a grenade-tipped, rocket-propelled harpoon. Humpbacks are protected where they breed in the Caribbean, in the USA and Canada, but they now can be hunted 'legally' in Greenland. 


And above is a photo taken by  Lottie Rijnink on March 13th which Judie Clee has matched to the Allied Whale catalogue in Bar Harbor, Maine as NAHWC#0670, also known as Forte, first photographed in the Gulf of Maine in 1987.