2011 04 13- ten hours, 20-30 whales, another dozen individual fluke IDs despite 15+ knot winds Print E-mail
Written by Andrew Stevenson   

Despite the marginal day forecast by the weather services, we had a productive outing on Ocean Potion with Roland Line, Camilla Stringer, Jeff Pantukhoff of the Whaleman Foundation. Over the course of the day we must have seen 20-30 whales (our estimates are always conservative). We obtained a dozen fluke IDs some of which are below. Let us know if you recognize any!

0226_1_bd_2009_04_11_as 0226_1_bd_2011_04_13_as_2009_04_11

The photo above left I took here in Bermuda on 11th April, 2009. Judy Clee has matched this immediately to the one I took today on 13th April, 2011. Once again we see these resightings occuring at the same time.

0586_1_bd_2011_04_13_as 0587_1_bd_2011_04_13_as

0588_2_bd_2011_04_13_as 0589_1_bd_2011_04_13_as

Judie Clee has matched the photo above right, our #0589, to Allied Whale's NAHWC#7104 first photographed in 1993 in Newfoundland

0590_2_bd_2011_04_13_as 0591_1_bd_2011_04_13_as

Judie Clee no time to identify the whale fluke above left as matching Allied Whale's NAHWC#1911 first photographed in Newfoundland in 1979, a span of 32 years.

0594_1_bd_2011_04_13_as 533 

Above right one of two whales that hung around the boat spyhopping us. I got into the water to film them but the visibility was poor. A great day on the water!

0595_1_bd_2011_04_13_rl 0596_1_bd_2011_04_13_rl

And two more fluke IDs taken by Richard Lee on Michael Hayward's boat Explorer.

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